Themes From Venus presaged the future: Tame Impala’s blissed-out electro, thrumming ’90s post-rock and the success of freewheeling pop merchants such as Pixies. – ANNIE ZALESKI, JOURNALIST/AUTHOR

Art Rock pioneers and, along with the B-52’s, Pylon and REM, founders of the Athens, Georgia alternative music scene, Love Tractor, bookended the Eighties with two superb, unique records: 1982’s self-titled debut and 1988’s Mitch Easter-produced Themes From Venus, the band’s fourth album. Today, Propeller Sound Recordings is happy to announce an expanded, remastered reissue of Themes From Venus, set for release on March 18. The album will be available on black vinyl, indie exclusive opaque yellow vinyl, CD, and digital. (Expanded tracks available on CD and digital only). 

Themes From Venus remains a singular work, a bold and impressive statement that still sounds ahead of its time. “I love it,” says Mark Cline. “I love the density of the record, it still sounds like nobody else—it flows from beginning to end. It’s our masterpiece.”

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Themes From Venus Remastered

Release Date : March 18, 2022
Artist : Love Tractor
Genres : Art Rock, Indie Rock, Rock
Format : CD