Art Rock pioneers and founding members of the famous Athens, GA rock scene, Love Tractor returns with a vinyl and CD rerelease of their groundbreaking, 1982 eponymous, instrumental masterpiece. Love Tractor burns with the intensity and electricity found at a live show, and in its eleven tracks, one can hear a band inventing a new sound that only today resonates with familiarity — while still offering something altogether unique. There is an amalgam of nascent trends throughout—a little post-punk here, some art-rock there, and a dash of Ennio Morricone. More importantly, you can hear a band pioneering the electrifying sounds of the fresh and budding Athens, Georgia music scene on this very recording. No one could have predicted it, but Love Tractor was the sound of the present and of the future. In fact, four decades on, it’s hard to think of any records that sounded like Love Tractor at that time, yet today you can hear the album’s influences on many a recording.

Mike Mills of R.E.M. (who knows a thing or two about great music) lauds the album stating “Love Tractor’s debut album is one of my favorite records of all time.” Love Tractor may have been released in 1982 (a year that saw releases by fellow Athens’ comrades Pylon (2nd album Gyrate), REM (EP Chronic Town) and The B-52s (Mesopotamia). One shouldn’t consider this reissue a mere postcard from the past. Instead, think of this as the reintroduction to a living, breathing work of art, one that still sounds as fresh and unique as it did 38 years ago. Band members describe the album as sounding like nothing else, like nobody else and liken it to a child with all of their DNAmcombined into this lovely creature. It plays like one long piece with 11 movements.

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Love Tractor

Release Date : November 6, 2020
Artist : Love Tractor
Genres : Art Rock, Indie Rock, Instrumental Rock, Rock
Format : CD