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Listen to Mark Cline talk about the history of the Athens music sceneĀ on Top Hill Recordings Podcast!

Love Tractor is a band from Athens, Georgia, founded in the spring of 1980 by guitarists Mark Cline, Mike Richmond and bassist Armistead Wellford, students at the University of Georgia. Mark and his friends were self-described misfits at UGA’s art school. The art school comprised 200 of the 35,000 or so students. This close knit group entertained themselves with raucous house parties where music was provided by some of the musically inclined in their visual art school circle. Little did they know that they were creating what would become the center of alternative college rock in the early 80’s. This unintentional “movement” as a small circle of close friends produced the likes of, not only Love Tractor, but R.E.M., The B-52s, and Pylon. Love Tractor is returning with the re-release of their ground-breaking, classic 1982 instrumental album.

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