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We welcome Mark Cline from Athens Georgia’s legendary Love Tractor We celebrate the remastered / re-release of Love Tractor’s Classic 1988 album Themes From Venus (Propeller Sound Recordings). Mark walks us through the band’s origins, the making of Themes From Venus and offers some insight into the early music scene of Athens Georgia, which launched the The The B-52’s, Pylon, R.E.M. and Love Tractor!

“Themes From Venus presaged the future: Tame Impala’s blissed-out electro, thrumming ’90s post-rock, the success of freewheeling pop merchants such as Pixies. The title track’s zoned-out keyboard zaps, velvet saxophone and psychedelic vibe shapeshift like a colorful kaleidoscope; “Venice” channels the dark-light dichotomy of early Psychedelic Furs; and the beginning of “Satan” is a motorik churn, Kraftwerk revving a motorcycle. In the ’70s, art-rock’s self-serious vibe was part of its charm. On Themes From Venus, to hear that era’s experimental elements channeled as manicured ebullience is nothing short of pure pleasure.”

– Annie Zeleski, journalist and author.

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